ARC-AGC Archer "Agincourt" for Battletech


Shipping to United States: $18.92

Piloted by Baron Oliver Kincaid who once served with the prestigious Free World Guards before being dishonorably discharged. After that he spent some time as a mercenary serving with Nik's Cavaliers which is when he gave his Archer the name 'Agincourt'. When he was asked to explain why he chose that name he replied that it was named to remind him of how powerful the turns of fate can be, and to work hard to earn back what he once had. The Agincourt is armed with a medium laser and a SRM-6 in each arm with two tons of ammo for the SRM-6's, A Streak SRM-2 and a LRM-10 ST (Stream) are equipped in each side torso with two ton of reloads for the Streak SRM-2's and two tons of reloads for the LRM-10 ST's, a Beagle Active Probe is additionally mounted in the left torso, two Medium Pulse Lasers are mounted in the center torso, and fourteen double heat sinks keep the 'Mech cool.

Model is printed in a grey resin and supplied with a base.

Original Archer mech design by Matt Mason.

Remix for the Agincourt by Greens Games.