Viper Prime for Battletech


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The Viper is a fast, highly-maneuverable medium OmniMech originally designed by Clan Fire Mandrill on Shadow. Codenamed the Dragonfly by the Inner Sphere forces that first encountered this small but fierce OmniMech, the name stuck because of its ability to move swiftly over the battlefield. The Viper is fast and well-armored, but significantly under-gunned compared with other Clan OmniMechs massing 35-45 tons (including the Adder, Battle Cobra, Grendel, Shadow Cat, Pouncer, and Cougar).

Clan Ghost Bear came into possession of the design in 3002 when they traded several production runs of Executioner OmniMechs for the design and production facilities on Shadow. Rather than trial for land rights to Shadow, and become embroiled in the internecine struggles of the Fire Mandrills, the Bears restructured the facility, making the lines modular, and relocated production to Strana Mechty - this modular technology proved very useful when the Ghost Bears migrated back to the Inner Sphere in the late 3050s. Surprisingly, the Bears left their first modular production facility on Strana Mechty. Production continued on Strana Mechty for Clan Ghost Bear until the mid-3060s when the Hell's Horses won the production rights and the facility (and then promptly lost the facility to Clan Ice Hellion in 3068). In addition to the manufacturing plant on Strana Mechty, at least one other planet in the Homeworlds was home to a manufacturing line producing Vipers; in 3071 Clan Goliath Scorpion captured a Viper factory from Clan Coyote on Delios, although it is unknown if the planet survived the Wars of Reaving, Goliath Scorpion Abjurement and the subsequent abandonment of the planet by the Coyotes and Cloud Cobras.

Model is printed in a grey resin and supplied with a base.

Mech design by Matt Mason.

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