ON1-IIC Orion for Battletech


Shipping to United States: $18.92

Verging on a Totem 'Mech for the Clan Wolf, the Orion IIC honors General Aleksandr Kerensky.

Since it was the chosen BattleMech of the "Great Father", the venerable Orion has always held a special place in the mystique of the Clans. Out of respect for General Kerensky's legacy, all the Clans maintained the design for several decades even as the development of newer and more advanced technologies increasingly left it less effective on the battlefield. Behind the scenes however, only Clan Wolf dared to think about designing an upgraded version, convinced that neither Aleksandr or Nicholas Kerensky would have approved of blindly following tradition at the expense of military progress. Debuting early during the Golden Century, the Orion IIC was quickly overshadowed as the OmniMech fast became the standard front-line 'Mechs of all the Clans. Despite this the Wolves jealously guarded their rights to the design, refusing all trade offers and successfully defeating any Trial of Possessions attempting to acquire it as they would for the Kerensky Blood heritages, seeing the Orion IIC as tied to their honor as the guardians of Kerensky's legacy.

Still produced in limited numbers during the Clan Invasion era, by this time the Wolves most notably used the Orion IIC as a visible reward for officers in second-line Galaxies who were expected to soon advance to front-line units. Each Orion IIC is sent to its recipients "with the compliments of" the Wolves Khan or saKhan, no warrior has ever refused such a gift - even if it means downgrading from an OmniMech or an assault-class 'Mech - and no other Wolf warrior would ever dare to challenge such a recipient for right to pilot an Orion IIC. While a number of the design existed in Clan Wolf-in-Exile's own second-line forces, almost as a gesture of reconciliation to their Crusader Brothers the Exiled Wolves made no plans to manufacture the Orion IIC.

Model is printed in a grey resin and supplied with a base.

Mech design by Matt Mason.