GAR-Prime Gargoyle, AKA "Man o' War" for Battletech


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The Gargoyle is an extremely fast assault OmniMech developed with the Timber Wolf as replacements for the first-generation Woodsman OmniMech. The Gargoyle is therefore commonly seen among Clan Wolf, and was a featured assault OmniMech during the Clan Invasion. The Gargoyle earned the name Man O' War from the Inner Sphere forces because of its effectiveness. Along with the Timber Wolf and Naga, the Gargoyle debuted in 2945.

Weapons and Equipment
The Gargoyle is capable of reaching ground speeds of up to 86.4 km/h thanks to its massive 400 Model SF-3 XL Engine, accounting for over twenty percent of the 'Mech's mass. Built on a standard structure, the Gargoyle has sixteen double heat sinks in its base chassis, which can dissipate heat from most of the Gargoyle's configurations quite effectively. The Gargoyle carries eleven tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor which is light for its size, but provides protection equal to that of most heavy 'Mechs. Even the Gargoyles relatively light twenty-one and half tons of available pod space emphasizes speed; all Gargoyle configs mount weaponry almost exclusively in the arms, reducing the amount of time required to alter the weapon systems; however, with most of the weaponry placed in the arms, the Gargoyle is at the risk of being disarmed by a couple of well-placed shots.

The Primary Gargoyle configuration is capable of engaging enemies at a variety of ranges. For long range encounters, the Gargoyle has two LB 5-X Autocannon that are capable of firing both solid rounds and cluster ammunition, making the 'Mech effective against aircraft and vehicles. For short ranges, the 'Mech has two SRM-6 launchers and a single ER Small Laser which provide adequate close in protection.

Model is printed in a grey resin and supplied with a base.

Mech design by Matt Mason.

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