CDA-1A Cicada for Battletech


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The Cicada was introduced amidst rising tensions in 2740 by HartfordCo Industries in an attempt to capitalize on the growing need for BattleMechs. At the time Bergan Industries had cornered the market in light recon 'Mechs with their Locust and HartfordCo's only prior experience was building communications and targeting systems. Nevertheless the company designed their 'Mech to compete directly with the Locust by making it just as fast but twice as large, allowing the Cicada to carry slightly better weaponry and give it an edge in physical combat, all while keeping costs down. The Star League was sufficiently impressed that they agreed to a limited contract with HartfordCo for a small number of Cicadas, using them to replace many Locusts lost in fighting along its border regions. The 'Mech's only major issue was faulty heat sinks, although these were eventually replaced in many models with modular sinks.

With their base of operations and only Cicada factory located on Bryant, HartfordCo was among the many victims of the fall of the Star League and the onset of the Succession Wars. Although the factory was destroyed, there were a number of built Cicadas in storage on Bryant and its relative position compared to the five Successor States meant the planet was the target of many raids. Thus the Cicada found its way into all of the major House armies, where in service to the Successor Lords, the 'Mech earned a positive reputation. Unfortunately this also meant its expectations sometimes exceeded the design's actual capabilities, and, with no new models being produced, the Cicada's numbers began to dwindle. By the end of the Fourth Succession War the 'Mech was in danger of going extinct.

The discovery of the Helm Memory Core allowed Free Worlds Defense Industries to save the Cicada by restarting production of the 'Mech from their newly-refurbished production line on Gibson. The great majority of these newly-built Cicadas went to the Free Worlds League Military, particularly federal units, which was in desperate need for recon 'Mechs after the loss of so many machines during their long battle with Andurien. The chassis was also the perfect platform to apply much of the now-recovered lostech and the improved CDA-3M was introduced shortly before the start of the Clan Invasion. New Cicadas were supplied to the Federated Commonwealth and Draconis Combine as part of an agreement to combat the Clans, and as reports filtered in from the front more variants of the 'Mech were produced. Following the ComStar Schism the Word of Blake relocated to Gibson and an increasing number of Cicada production was redirected to the Word of Blake Militia, which quickly rivaled the FWLM as the largest Cicada user. As such the 'Mech was found on both sides of the Jihad.

Model is printed in a grey resin and supplied with a base.

Mech design by Matt Mason.

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