Huntsman Prime, AKA "Nobori-nin" for Battletech


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Exemplifying the OmniMech concept, the flexible Huntsman was the premier medium 'Mech of Clan Nova Cat during Operation REVIVAL.

Following the final Grand Council vote that initiated the invasion of the Inner Sphere, in accordance with the traditions begun by Sandra Rosse, Clan Nova Cat Khan Severen Leroux consulted Oathmaster Biccon Winters for a vision to victory, only for Winters to warn of disaster for the Clans. While Leroux chose to ignore her predictions of doom if the Clans invaded, Winter was able to convince her Khan of the need for a new flexible OmniMech that would guard against whatever lay ahead in their Clan's future. Unwilling to pour too much support into such an endeavor, Khan Leroux sought a partnership with the Clan Cloud Cobra-held Brim Ironworks to develop the design. Piquing the interest of the Cloud Cobra Scientist Caste, the development and manufacture of the Huntsman was fast-tracked to allow it to enter the Nova Cat touman in time for the invasion.

First seen within the 119th Nova Cat Striker Cluster during the Battle of Luthien, a Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery intelligence officer dubbed the OmniMech with the name of "Nobori-nin" (Japanese for "Banner-bearer") due to the single fin-like projection rising from the back of the 'Mech reminding him of the banner samurai worn on their backs in feudal Japan. Prized for its flexibility across a wide range of opponents and battlefield conditions, the Huntsman was almost exclusively a Nova Cat design during the initial Clan Invasion, but prior to the Word of Blake Jihad had entered service with Clans Diamond Shark, Cloud Cobra and Star Adder.

Model is printed in a grey resin and supplied with a base.

Mech design by Matt Mason.

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Great looking print. Nice details and basically ready to paint. Well packed for shipping.