CTF-1X Cataphract for Battletech


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The Cataphract is a heavy BattleMech and one of the first original designs since the start of the Succession Wars, though it had inauspicious beginnings. Desperate for a heavy 'Mech design that their ailing infrastructure could sustainably produce and maintain, the Capellan Confederation designed the Cataphract in 3025 to be assembled from parts they could still manufacture. Dubbed a FrankenMech for its appearance, and using components from the Marauder, Shadow Hawk and Phoenix Hawk, the Cataphract was set to become the Confederation's new standard heavy 'Mech. It entered service just before the Fourth Succession War when the production line on Tikonov fell to the Federated Suns. This embarrassing failure was further compounded when many Davion units, including the Crucis Lancers, adopted the Cataphract as their own. However, the product quality from Tikonov left the Federated Suns wanting (at least in part due to deliberate obstruction by workers still loyal to the Confederation). It was not until 3032 that the Confederation finally replaced the lost factory with one on Betelgeuse, producing their own Cataphracts in time for the Andurien Crisis.

Shortly after conquering Tikonov, the Federated Commonwealth began work on the CTF-3D, intended to stand toe-to-toe with an assault 'Mech and be as versatile as possible. Despite the upgrades the CTF-3D was only marginally deployed by the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth and eventually relegated to the Crucis March Militia as an insult to the Capellans. The onset of the Clan Invasion caused everything still in production, including the Cataphract, to be rushed to the front lines. For their part the Capellans were able to produce the CTF-3D from stolen plans and went about creating their own variant, the CTF-3L, which would go on to make up twenty-five percent of all their newly-acquired heavy 'Mechs during the 3050s. In the years afterwards use of the design would wane, though a few new variants would continue to be produced as new technology and new demands arose.

Model is printed in a grey resin and supplied with a base.

Mech design by Matt Mason.

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