CRK-5003-0 Crockett for Battletech


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Introduced in 2735, the Crockett was originally designed and built for the Star League as a training BattleMech with combat capability in response to needs during the Hidden Wars. Ten years after its introduction, however, Star League Defense Force commanders began to realize that Blankenburg Technologies had taken the "combat capability" requirement almost too seriously, and began to field the 'Mech on the front lines. Beyond its heavy weapons load-out, large number of heat sinks and use of jump jets, part of what made the Crockett successful was the enemy's unfamiliarity with this design, giving it an added advantage. Its cockpit systems, simplified for use as a trainer, allowed anyone to pilot the Crockett with only a minimal amount of familiarization training. The Crockett did not go without its growing pains, however. Once it was pressed into combat there was a flaw found in the cockpit's life support system that resulted in the death of three MechWarriors. This flaw was corrected in future production, with previously-issued machines recalled and refitted with the life support system upgrade. In service to the SLDF the hallmark tactic of the Crockett was to engage an enemy 'Mech at range and, before the enemy could accurately target it, jump behind them to attack their weaker rear.

So effective was the Crockett that, following the dissolution of the Star League and start of the Succession Wars, many of the Great Houses removed the 'Mech from their training programs and used them to fight on the front lines. As many of the Crockett's components became lostech Blankenburg was forced to make due with inferior spare parts, reducing its capabilities with every year. Eventually the last few Crocketts were little more than a collection of salvaged parts, largely unrecognizable from their original design, until the 'Mech finally went extinct within the Inner Sphere.

This changed starting in the thirty-first century, thanks to ComStar's secret stockpile of Star League-era 'Mechs. Original models of the Crockett were used to outfit the Com Guards while downgraded versions were gifted to the Draconis Combine as part of Operation Rosebud. With the Clan Invasion surviving models of the design were also seen among second-line Clan forces. As part of Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht's rearmament program the Blankenberg production line on Terra was reopened to start producing new Crocketts starting in 3054, although it would be only a few years until the Word of Blake conquered the planet and began supplying themselves and their Free Worlds League allies. In order to maintain their supply ComStar contracted Grumium Creations to begin producing Crocketts starting in 3062 and the 'Mech fought on both sides during the Jihad.

Model is printed in a grey resin and supplied with a base.

Mech design by Matt Mason.

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Item arrived promptly, there was a break in one arm because Hermes had given it their usual tender treatment but given the state of the box the seller had prevented more damage with good internal packaging. Print is very tidy and Mech looks great!