CN9-A1 Centurion for Battletech


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The Centurion was originally designed by Corean Enterprises in 2801 to complement their Trebuchet fire support BattleMech. In order for the Centurion to perform this duty, it was equipped with a heavy and varied arsenal that allows it to strike at enemy units at a variety of ranges and made tough enough to survive considerable punishment. Born on the battlefields of the First Succession War, the Centurion performed admirably and it quickly became associated with the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns as its unofficial 'Mech. Best known for making slow, steady advances, the Centurion was also a capable raider and the formidable appearance of the Luxor autocannon gave its pilot a psychological boost.

Unfortunately the autocannon's loading system was also the source of most of the 'Mech's technical troubles, requiring a more lengthy repair cycle than other systems. This problem was only exacerbated when in 2845, in the midst of the Second Succession War, Corean Enterprises' Ramen II production lines were destroyed (in fact, Ramen II's proximity to the League/Confederation border and its value resulted in the loss of the planet by 3025.). The company was able to maintain limited production of spare parts from secondary sites for the next 150 years and keep the design alive, but the increasing rarity of parts for the autocannon often required its replacement with another weapon. These attempts typically ended in failure and by the dawn of the thirty-first century the AFFS was seriously considering phasing out the design for the Enforcer.

Corean lobbied hard to prevent this from happening, built a brand-new Centurion production facility on New Avalon in 3012 and relocated their entire headquarters to the planet. Billions were spent on research and development to fix the 'Mech's chronic technical problems, including installing brand-new and experimental weapon systems. This caught the attention of the New Avalon Institute of Science which, in 3022, partnered with the corporation to make the Centurion the testbed for new technologies. The Centurion line was saved and as the Suns merged with the Lyran Commonwealth the 'Mech was adopted by the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth. Due to increased interest, Corean eventually licensed Jalastar Aerospace on Panpour to build original CN9-A models in 3047 while the improved CN9-D was unveiled in 3049.

In the wake of the Clan Invasion new variants of the Centurion continued to be built, cycling out older models which were sold off to various mercenary groups. The 'Mech fought on both sides of the FedCom Civil War after which it was adopted in small numbers by the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces. During the Jihad production of new Centurions from the New Avalon plant halted on account of the Word of Blake blockade and the Panpour facility was forced to double production in order to meet increasing demands.

Model is printed in a grey resin and supplied with a base.

Mech design by Matt Mason.

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amazing quality, good price, and sturdy

Lovely mech and great print

Really good quality with great detail. An excellent mini!