AWS-8Q Awesome for Battletech


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Technicron Manufacturing began production of the Awesome in 2665 to replace the STR-2C Striker. What they produced not only replaced the aging Striker, it became one of the most feared BattleMechs of all time. The Awesome is built around its impressive all-energy based arsenal and heavy armor making it a highly independent and powerful assault 'Mech. Rugged and reliable, the Awesome is traditionally used in a vanguard role when penetrating enemy defenses. The Awesome's massive firepower also lends it to defensive actions, acting as a mobile turret when necessary. Because of its reliance on PPCs, the Awesome is able to act independently for extended periods of time. This trait is also useful in siege situations where the 'Mech can keep up a constant barrage, allowing it to win battles of attrition through bleeding an enemy dry. The only downsides to the Awesome is its low maneuverability and lack of rear-facing weaponry, making it vulnerable to being outflanked and surrounded by lighter 'Mechs, although good intelligence and a well-deployed screening force can mitigate this issue.

Originally built for the Star League out of Technicron's factory on Savannah, the Awesome soon became a common sight in the armies of all the House Lords. At the start of the Succession Wars, the Free Worlds League was able to maintain control of the Savannah factory, making them the only Successor State capable of building new Awesomes and thus the largest user of them.[1][3][7] Lycomb-Davion IntroTech had been producing the Awesome and other designs from their main factory on Demeter,[8] but the Capellan Confederation struck at and destroyed the manufacturing lines on Demeter early in the First Succession War.

Eventually Technicron partnered up with Irian BattleMechs Unlimited to open a new line on Irian, although neither one was willing to tamper with the venerable design. The discovery of the Helm Memory Core and the onset of the Clan Invasion finally spurred them on to build a new variant, the AWS-9M, which took advantage of recovered lostech to address some of the issues of the original. The AWS-9Q was built in time to take part in Operation Guerrero, while the advanced AWS-10KM built at the time of the Jihad was the result of a joint venture between Irian Technologies and Alshain Weaponry.

Model is printed in a grey resin and supplied with a base.

Mech design by Matt Mason.

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Arrived promptly and well packed. Mini is exactly as hoped. Painted it yesterday. :)